Exhibition time:2018.9.15-2018.10.30

Opening time:2018.9.15PM 15:30

Exhibition address: No. 1,Zhongshan North Road, Hangzhou

Renke Art Gallery is very honored to announce that the social exhibition-Sang Huohan Hangzhou Solo Exhibition opened on September 15th, 2018 at the Hangzhou Renke Art Gallery. This exhibition is another solo exhibition after Sang Huo's exhibition at the Singapore Museum of Contemporary Art. This exhibition featured Sang Huoyao's 24 contemporary ink paintings and one of the latest installations.

"There is a similar image, so it has to be shaped." Sang Huoyao's "image" is to describe his world view, his experience of the universe and the way of life and spiritual perception. Sang Huoyao appreciation of the spiritual abstraction of the Western abstract art to the world. At the same time, he also pays attention to the artistic aesthetic expression under the influence of contemporary technology and society. Therefore, Sang Huoyao's works are not only far from the oriental imagery art, but also different from the western abstract art. He is extremely creative in his creation: the art of landscape art.

In contemporary art, nothing is impossible. The mulberry box is the genetic code of Sang Huoyao's works and his method of creation. This is an important artist case for exploring the millennial context of Chinese painting, enabling it to enter the international art field.



The Art Works of Sang Huoyao – An Introduction


Sang Huoyao is an important contemporary ink artist from China. A member of the Artistic Committee of the China Academy of Art, he is also the Vice President of the Chinese Imperial Art Academy, and a National First-Level artist. Born in 1963, he graduated from the China Academy of Art in Chinese art with a master’s degree. He is also the creator of ‘Jing-Xiang’ conceptual art. Adding to this multi-varied background is also his experience as a researcher in the ‘Wu Guanzhong Research Center” in Tsinghua University. His works have been acquired by the National Art Museum of China, the Shanghai Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, Guangdong Art Museum, as well as the Today Art Museum in Beijing. They can also be found at the venue of the G20 Hangzhou Summit under long term display. His paintings have been auctioned by various important auction houses, including Sotheby’s Hong Kong. He now lives and works in Beijing. 

Sang Huoyao has been experimenting with the superimposition of translucent colour blocks since the start of 1998. Many famous art critics in China have written past reviews about his art works. The scope of his experimentation has also won the admiration and appreciation of internationally renowned scholar Michael Sullivan and the well-respected artist Wu Guanzhong. The oeuvre of Sang Huoyao at its core is comprised of a few elemental aspects: the first is the superimposition of colour blocks, which has progressively become the identifying symbols of his art. Over the many years of research and investigation into the narrative element of Chinese ink, through the process of subverting the paradigm of traditional ink, the superimposition of colour block has already become a trademark of his oeuvre and a self-identifying symbol. This gives rise to a novel schema, and a different series. First, the symbol of the square is intrinsically linked to the shape of ancient Chinese characters, while the superimposition of squares has its roots in the ‘stacking’ style of the Mi Family landscape painting from the Song Dynasty. Second, contemporary technology and traditional philosophy has precipitated a new artistic perspective of ‘jing xiang’, which allows for the vitality of tradition in this present time. The limitless potential for imagination that contemporary technology and the virtual world has made possible is represented by the ethereal emptiness of his work. This in turn reflects the philosophical tenet of Zhuang Zi, as well as the tranquil and quiet temperament of Yuan Dynasty literati art, represented by artists like Ni Yunling. It can be said that the coming together of technology and the virtual world has made everything seem potentially limitless, and this has also impacted the sense of aesthetics for contemporary Chinese. At the same time, it has bridged the gap of aesthetic understanding for Western abstract art, allowing Chinese ink an olive branch into the future, raising the possibility of entry into the international arena. Thirdly, the visual brilliancy of the art works reflects the hope and anticipation of the contemporary age in the remodelling of beliefs. With the modernization of society, people and their interaction with technology often appears to be marked with solitude and loneliness. As such, they are in greater need than ever of spiritual and emotional support. The luminosity of the paintings exudes a sense of divinity and sublimity, like a locale of holiness, filling people with hope, tranquillity, and joy. 

With the color blocks as the matrix of the art work, an abstract brushwork language as its structure, and a ‘jing xiang’ art work that is rooted in Chinese tradition, Sang Huoyao’s oeuvre is, at the same time, distant from Western abstract art. ‘Jing Xiang’ is a unique and contemporary expression of Sang Huoyao, an artistic creation imbued with art historical value which lies within its spirit of exploration. 




Important Solo Exhibitions:  


2018    Museum of Contemporary Art MoCa Singapore < Sang Huoyao – Jing Xiang Exihibition>

2017    National Art Museum of China, Beijing <Chaos – Exhibition of Sang Huoyao’s works> 

             Hong Chuan Museum of Modern Art, Qingzhou, China <Poetic Encounters – Travelling

             Exhibition of Sang Huoyao’s works> 

             Wei Fang Museum, Wei Fang, China <Poetic Encounters – Travelling Exhibition of Sang Huoyao’s works> 

              Shouguang Museum, Shouguang, China <Exposition of Sang Huoyao’s Exquisite Ink Works>

              Fuyan Commune Gallery, Beijing <Universe Within – Works of Sang Huoyao 1/2 Show>

2016     Wenchou Epoch Art Museum, Wenchou, China <Sang Huoyao’s dialogue with Stephen – Exhibition>

 Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China  <Sang Huoyao and Rothko: Breathing Tone> 

 Fuyan Commune Gallery, Beijing <Edge of Time – Solo Exhibition of Sang Huoyao>

2015      Alioth Art Gallery, Shanghai <Jing Xiang – Sang Huoyao Solo Exhibition>

               Henglu Art Museum, Hangzhou <Cloud – Exhibition of Sang Huoyao Art Work>

2014       Hwa’s Gallery, Shanghai <Peach Blossoms on the River – Sang Huoyao Jing Xiang ink           exhibition>

               Renke Artistic Center, Hangzhou <On the River – Sang Huoyao Jing Xiang ink             exhibition>

2013      Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou, China <Jing Xiang – Sang Huoyao Exhibition>

2012       Shanghai Art Museum  <Jing Xiang – Sang Huoyao Exhibition>

2011       Today Art Museum, Beijing <Universe Tour - Solo Exhibition of Sang Huoyao>

2010       Beijing Soka Art Centre <Jing Xiang – Sang Huoyao Exhibition>

2009       Yizhi Hall / Soka Art Centre <A Half Day’s Rest - Jing Xiang | Sang Huoyao           Exhibition>



Important Group Exhibition

2018    <Similarities and Diversities in Symbiosis – 16 + 1 China, Central and Eastern Europe       Contemporary Art Exhibition> Sofia, Bulgaria

               G-dot Art Space, Beijing <Manifesto of Neo-Modern Ink Art> 

              National Art Museum of China, Beijing <The Fourth Biennale of China Art Academy> 

              Wei Fang Museum, Wei Fang, China <Developing and Surmounting – Exhibition for the research of Chinese Modern Ink>

2017     Renke Artistic Center, Hangzhou <Open Sky Exhibition>

      Beijing-Jakarta Art and Cultural Center, Wuzhen, China <Jiang Zuo Fenghua - Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition>

               Shenzhen Museum Of Contemporary Art, Shenzhen, China <Heaven beyond the Sea – International Contemporary Exhibition> 

               Sanya Museum of Contemporary Art, Hainan, China <International Contemporary Exhibition>

2016      3812 Gallery, Hong Kong <Xin Jing 3 – Contemporary Exhibition>

               Tokyo Art Gallery, Beijing <Fourth Neo Moroism Concept Group Exhibition> 

                National Art Museum of China, Beijing <2015 – 2016 Chinese National Academy of Arts     | The Arts Creation Exhibition> 

              Today Art Museum, Beijing <2015 – 2016 Chinese Contemporary Ink Art Annual Exhibition>

Shanghai Alioth Art Center, Shanghai <Power of Self Belief: Contemporary Ink Group Exhibition>

Beijing EGG Art Gallery, Beijing <The Four Primary Colors – Chinese Contemporary Art | A 4 Artist Exhibition>

               Sichuan Emei, Emei, China <First International Contemporary Art Exhibition>

               Color Block Art Works in Hangzhou G20 Summit Main Conference Hall under long term      collection, Hangzhou, China

2015      Beijing Asia Arts Center, Beijing, China <Colors of China> 

               Nanjing International Exhibition Center, Nanjing, China <Second Nanjing International Art Exhibition> 

               Beijing Inside Out Art Museum | Beijing, China; Brussels, Belgium; Chicago, America <Contemporary Ink Art Evolution – International Tour>

               Shanghai Ming Yuan Art Center, Shanghai, China <Translucent Universe – A Dialogue of    paintings: Landscape and Scenery> 

               Italy Florence International Contemporary Biennale, Florence, Italy <Art and the City exhibition> Recipient of Gold Award in Painting

2014      Avant-Garde Contemporary Art Center, Beijing <Ethereal Dimness: New Water Ink Research Series> 

              Soka Art Center, Taipei <Empty Cold and Silent Transformation – Contemporary Ink Art Group Exhibition>

               Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing, China <New Ink Language – New Ink Group Exhibition>

2013      Soka Art Center, Taipei <New Poetics – Chinese Contemporary Ink Exhibition>

               Sanshang Art Center | China, America, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao <A Chinese Album – Contemporary Ink Art International Tour> 

2012      <Seventh Award of Art China | Awarded Ten Most Influential Ink Artist> Beijing, China

                Today Art Museum, Beijing <Asia Contemporary Art Group Exhibition>

                Shanghai New Ink Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China < A New Spirit in Ink>

                <Reminiscing Jiangnan – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition>, Shanghai, China

                National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan <Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition>

2011    Seven Sages in Bamboo Forest, Beijing <Sixth Award of Art China | Awarded Ten Most Influential Multi-Media Artist>

               Holland Contemporary Art Museum, Holland, Amsterdam <Asia Contemporary Art Group Exhibition> 

               <Ink | Universe – Contemporary Art Exhibition> Shanghai, China

                <Venice Biennale Parallel Exhibition> Venice, Italy

                 Sealine Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2010       China Artist Association | Recipient of Top Excellence Prize at China National Wide Art     Exhibition, Beijing

                China Artist Association <China Art Academy | Seventh Youth Porcelain Sculpture Biennale, Hangzhou China>

               Soka Art Center, Taipei <There is Light Here – Hangzhou Contemporary Art Exhibition>

2009         China Artist Association <National Seventh Physical Education Art Exhibition, Jinan, China> 

               Recipient of Tenth National Zhejiang Excellence Award, Jinan, China

2008        China Academy of Art, Beijing  <Dissolving | Gathering, National Chinese Art Exhibition by Invitation>

               China Academy of Art, Beijing

2007         Russian-China Cultural Festival, Moscow, Russia <Chinese Ink Art Exhibition>

2006         Seventh Chinese Artist’s Works Exhibition, Hangzhou, China



























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