CuratorHe Yongmiao

Duration: 6.11 - 31.12/2022

Venue: No.1 North Zhongshan, District Gongshou,Hangzhou.

Renke Art is pleased to announce the unveiling of the artist Sang Huoyao's new solo exhibition "Rebirth -- Affective-Imagoism Artworks By Sang Huoyao" on November 6th. In the new stage, emotions in life and mental state of artists under the pandemic brought new possibilities for artistic creation. The 23 artworks to be exhibited are all new works by Sang Huoyao in the past three years, like the artist's inner monologue and diary, recording his emotions and thoughts during the pandemic. Among them, there are 20 easel paintings, 2 installations, and 1 group of sculptures, which comprehensively present the artist's recent artistic outlook.

Every human disaster is a new opportunity for the advance of civilization, and the global COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. Three years of the pandemic brought the world to a standstill, and the order we had built collapsed. From the objective world to the spiritual world have experienced unprecedented suffering. Why did the pandemic happen? When will this disaster end? How will the future be rebuilt? We are living in pain, but at the same time, we are looking forward to rebirth after the pandemic. We see this pandemic as an opportunity to rise from the ashes.

Sang Huoyao






Sang Huoyao, born in Zhejiang Province, China in 1963, currently lives and works in Beijing. He completed his master degree of Chinese Painting from Chinese National Academy of Arts, and currently works as a member of the Artistic Creation Steering Committee in Chinese National Academy of Arts, the vice-president of China National Academy of Painting and a National First-Level artist. Adding to this multi-varied background is also his experience as a researcher in the "Wu Guanzhong Research Center" in Tsinghua University.



Significant Solo Exhibitions: "The World is Square: Affective-Imagoism- Art Exhibition of Sang Huoyao" (Ningbo Museum of Art, Ningbo, 2021), "Affective-Imagoism: Artworks by Sang Huoyao" (Asia Art Center, Beijing, China, 2020), "Affective-Imagoism: Sang Huoyao's Works Exhibition" (Long Museum, Shanghai, China, 2019), "The Cosmic Spirit - Sang Huoyao Hangzhou Solo Exhibition" (Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China, 2018), "Sang Huoyao Solo Exhibition -  Horizons of the Mind" (Museum of Contemporary Arts, Singapore, Singapore, 2018), "Chaos-Exhibition of Sang Huoyao's works" (National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China, 2017), "Poetic Encounters - Itinerant Exhibition of Sang Huoyao's works" (Hongchuan Museum of Modern Art, Qingzhou, China, 2017), "Poetic Encounters- Sang Huoyao's Works Exhibition" (Weifang Museum, Weifang, China, 2017), "Sang Huoyao's Dialogue with Stephen Exhibition" (Epoch Art Museum, Wenzhou, China, 2016), "Sang Huoyao and Rothko: Breathing Tone" (Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China, 2016), "Affective-Imagoism: Works of Sang Huoyao 1/2 Show" (Alioth Art Center, Shanghai, China, 2015), "Peach Blossoms on the River - Sang Huoyao Jing Xiang Ink Painting Exhibition" (Hwa's Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2014), "Jing Xiang – Sang Huoyao Art Works Exhibition" (Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China, 2013), "Jing Xiang - Sang Huoyao Art Works Exhibition" (Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China, 2012), "Universal Tour - Solo Exhibition of Sang Huoyao" (Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2011), "Jing Xiang - Solo Exhibition of Sang Huoyao" (Soka Art Centre, Taipei, 2010), "Half A Day's Leisure - Jiang Xiang, Solo Exhibition of Sang Huoyao" (Soka Art Center, Taipei, 2009).



Group Exhibitions: "A hundred flowers bloom, bringing forth the new: Art Exhibition of Chinese National Academy of Art "(Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing, 2021), "Shenzhen International Ink and Wash Biennale - Abstract City"(Shenzhen Fine Arts Academy Art Museum, Shenzhen, 2021), "Ink Painting on Going: 2000 - 2019" (Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China, 2020), "Narration of Times: Shandong Art Museum Collection Highlights" (Shandong Art Museum, Jinan, China, 2020), "Chinese National Academy of Arts Group Exhibition" (National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China, 2019), "Ink and Things - The Second Biennial Exhibition of Wuhan Ink Art" (Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan, China, 2019), "Similarities and Diversities in Symbiosis - China & CEEC Contemporary Art Exhibition" (Sofia Chinese Cultural Center, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2018), "The 4th Biennale of China National Academy of Painting" (National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China, 2018), "2015-2016 Art Creation Exhibition of Chinese National Academy of Arts" (National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China, 2016), "Annual Review Exhibition of China Contemporary Ink Painting 2015-2016" (Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2016), "Chinese Color" (Asia Art Center, Beijing, China, 2015), "Contemporary Ink Art Evolution Itinerant Exhibition" (Inside-out Art Museum, Beijing; Brussels; Chicago, 2015), "Infra-Mince Realm-Painting to Painting: Mountains, Rivers and Landscape" (Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai, China, 2015), "Art and City Theme Exhibition", The 10th International Contemporary Art Biennale (Florence, Italy, 2015), "Ethereal Dimness: New Ink Painting Invitational Exhibition" (Nanjing Avant-garde Contemporary Art Center, Nanjing, China, 2014), "Asia Contemporary Art Group Exhibition"(Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2012), "Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition" (Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, China, 2012), "Asia Contemporary Art Group Exhibition" (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2011), "Collateral Event of Chinese Art" at the 54th Venice Art Biennale (Venice, Italy, 2011), "Chinese Ink Painting Art Exhibition" in Russian-Chinese Cultural Festival (Moscow, Russia, 2008).


Public Collections: National Art Museum of China (Beijing), National Museum of China (Beijing), Today Art Museum (Beijing), Long Museum (Shanghai), Shanghai Art Museum (Shanghai), Guangdong Museum of Art (Guangzhou), Zhejiang Art Museum (Hangzhou), Shandong Art Museum (Ji'nan),  Asia Art Center (Beijing | Shanghai | Taipei).