Preside: Shu Cai

Planner:He Yongmiao

Duration:2022.3.19 - 2022.6.25

Renke Art is honored to present "Tranquil: Zhang Hao Solo Exhibition" from March 19th 2022 to June 25th 2022. This exhibition is Zhang Hao's fourth solo exhibition at the Renke Art. A series of Zhang Hao's works are displayed in a total of 18 pieces.




1962 born in Tianjin, China; grow up in Gaoyang, Hebei Province

1985 graduated from Professor Shu Chuanxis Studio, Traditional Chinese Painting Dept. of Zhejiang Academy of Art (now China Academy of Art, CAA) and continued lecturing there.

Professor and postgraduate supervisor, China Academy of Art, CAA

Currently lives and works in Hangzhou and Beijing



In the past three decades, Zhang Hao has been involved in the artistic practice of contemporary ink painting, devoted and accomplished. After graduated from the academy of fine art in 1985, Zhang Hao started his exploration in experimental ink painting, gradually found his individual style. From 1996 to 1999, his began to reconsider the Chinese painting tradition and the contemporary artistic forms, thus entering into a transition period. Since 2001, through constant reflections, experiments and reconsiderations, his ink art creation surpasses the western modernistic painting, enters the field of contemporary ink art. Zhang Hao sums up his artistic developing process: structure, shape, chromacity and using calligraphic-thinking, he describes the traditional Chinese-ness in his paintings as calligraphic-thinking, the spirituality as a cross-cultural form of expression, thus recapturing a highly recognizable form of spiritualized image. Zhang Hao has held solo and group exhibitions in mainland China, Hong Kong, Tai Wan, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc., his art work is in collections of British Museum, National Art Museum of China, Guangzhou Art Museum, many other private galleries and collectors.