Curator: He Yongmiao

Artist: Chen Yu


Renke Art Gallery is honored to present "ONE THOUSAND AND ONE PICASSO: Chen Yu Ceramic Art Exhibition" from August 15th to November 15th 2021. This exhibition is a concentrated display of Chen Yu's creation in the past two years, and it is the first public appearance.

Artist profile



Chen Yu, a freelance painter, now living in Songzhuang, Beijing.

He was born in Leizhou, Guangdong Province in 1975 and graduated with a master degree from the Oil Painting Department, Guangzhou College of Fine Arts in 2008.


Win a Award

China – The 7th (2017-2018) Hou Tian Biennial Culture and Art Awards 



Solo exhibition


Poetry of Portrait | Chen Yus Poet Portrait Painting Exhibitions at Dalian  Dalian Art MuseumLiaoningJuly 122019

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Collaborative Exhibitions



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