OPENING: Jun.06 PM 15:30 2020 

DURATION: Jun.06 - Aug.20 2020



At the end of 2019, the COVID-19 broke out globally, human survival and development faced an unprecedented crisis. No matter when and where people live, they are actually in a "community of human destiny".


Facing the big disaster and the uncertain world, what is art? What can artists do? From the Renaissance to Modernism, we go back to the footsteps of Western masters and explore what happened in those timesand how do they face the full meaning of suffering and carrying lifeThe artist has never stopped thinking and exploring, facing the plight in front of mankind, how do contemporary artists meditate in an emergency? What will the world look like after the epidemic?


With these questions in mind, we planned the exhibition "Post-epidemicWestern Classics and Eastern Contemporary". Past curatorial experience was to ask questions and try to answer them, but in this exhibition, the initiative is left to all thinkers. To this end, we specially set up an "academic wall" that has not been smeared at the exhibition site. Every thinker present can leave traces of personal thoughts on the white wall. We believe that this 76-day work of artistic performance is perhaps the best interpretation of this exhibition.





Albrecht Dürer, Hendrik Holcinis, Rembrandt Van Vine Rheinland, Francisco Jose de Goya Lucientes, Christian Rolfes, Kaiser Kollerwicz, George Brack, Erich Hecker, Paul Kleinschmidt, Schmidt Rotruff, Max Beckman, Oscar Kokoschka, Otto · Dix, George Groz, Juan Miro, Salvador Dali, Anthony Tapiez



Li Xiuqin, Jiao Xiaojian, Chen Haiyan, Yang Jinsong, Han Dong, Nanxi, Guan Huaibin, Zhang Hao, Yang Ming, Wang Kai, Sang Huoyao, Kong Guoqiao, Tian Wei, Chen Yu, Shen Chaofang