Artist: Han Dong

Curator:He Yongmiao

Academic Preside:Wu Liang

Exihibition time:2019.12.25 - 2020.5.16

Renke Art gallery is pleased to annouce the most important exhibition for artist Han Dong “To the Last Craftsman of Mogao Grottoes” will be presented from December 25, 2019 to May 16, 2020 at Renke Art Gallery. This exhibition is curated by Renke's artistic director He Yongmiao, and a well-known Chinese critic Wu Liang as the academic preside. At that time, 29 new paintings by artist Han Dong will be unveiled. 






1958, born in Dafeng, Jiangsu;

1986, graduated from Crafts Department from Nanjing Academy of Fine Art

Currently lives and works in Yangzhou, Jiangsu.


Solo Exhibitions


2018 Shading willows and blooming flowers,Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou

2016 Before Interpretation, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou

2016 Ordinary Objects, HIVE Center for Contemporary Art

2015 Memorandum, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou

2014, Color of Emptiness and Shadow of Ink, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou;

2013, Tune like a Dream – Chapter Two, Gengsi Art Museum, Nanjing;




Group Exhibitions


2019 "Synchronizing with the Republic" 70 Years of Jiangsu Oil Painting Tour Exhibition, Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Nanjing 

2017. intermedia.China new ink exhibition, Sanlui Potosibi peace Theatre; Aguascalientes former Christian School Gallery, Mexico


2017, Open Sky, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou

2016, The Third Exhibition of Contemporary Ink Works Disguised Form-Ink Paintings’ Dimension, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangdong

2015, I Thought I exist, Gengsi Art Museum, Nanjing

2015, Pass the Year, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou

2014, POGADA Art Exhibition,OFOTO gallery,Shanghai

Hazy moments: even the eye of a bird


Text by Wu Liang



Han Dong's paintings are about to look closer. They are not indistinguishable, neither dark, nor bright enough. On the contrary, Han Dong's paintings have always been filled with a layer of eternal light. There is always something hidden, the real thing has not been opened. Han Dong's color is not the dusky gloom, but like a person entering his study and stepping into a country that is about to dawn. This is an ancient country and a country of imagination. Before that, Han Dong painted different worlds, mythological worlds, everyday worlds, and ghost worlds. Now, "images", especially "animal images" and "totems" hold the artist's world here.


Han Dong's painting, whether it is oil paint or ink, is a kind of "Inquiry into thought", a manifestation, not a shape. He is not at the same point, although he goes further by returning, and this "turning" is always quietly. To be precise, the center cannot be found, neither moving forward, nor stopping, erasing, repeating, displaying, clearing out, recalling ... find, seek, pick up, turn, approach,really present and unreally present, he promised to return the truth to us, and toss us the knowledge of nothingness and tranquility.


Han Dong is honest and transparent, he told me in simple language, everything, no secrets, what are those, that is the response of Mogao Grottoe. Leap outward, invite, follow, open wide, people are still at home. By indulging in it, plastering pelure paper on canvas, scraping paint, pencils, acrylic, grabbing by hand, looking, respectful, obscure, there are also unknown, seductive, accidental ... Religion and legend, those enigmatic animal totems, the secret of silence and the back of damage, there are only inscriptions, but they are not heard. There are only pictures and inaudibility. They are white deer, elephant, horse, quail, golden pheasant, flower mosquito, mosquito butterfly, carnation and hibiscus ... who will explain? Is it an artist or an ancient? Interpreting a painting is like interpreting the world. The interpretation is always multiple. Our prejudices and superstitions have been put into the world through the interpretation.

Han Dong does not express well but thinks keenly.

Two years ago, his works were not in this way. He was fascinated by shadows, projections, reflections, negative shadows, phantoms, and shadows of shadows ... entity exit, original exit, night light, waiting light, absent light, very long Time has passed, and his temperance has a kind of patience. He has maintained some limitless absences in himself. Now, as Bonafort says, the beginning of the verse finally breaks in: now it is dawn!


Han Dong resorted to a simple and dramatic form this time, classic, screens, murals, stage, starting from the inner bliss, calm and intoxicated, each painting was shining, shrouded in a thin halo. Those peaceful beasts, they meet in love, balance, freedom, unrestrained, bow to God ... In other words, daily existence does not have to be re-created, the so-called interchangeable "presence", the metropolis hides us and surrounds us, everyday chaos seems to occupy all life. It has no boundaries and is difficult to escape. At this moment, a kind of clarity suddenly appeared. Something was shining in front of it. It was a flash of light,a thin light, it approaches you, or you walk past, it is an accident, an instant, a miracle, this miracle is unforeseen, using its light to separate the hazy moments of daily life.