Spirit and Freedom


Zhang brings together the spirit of Western and Chinese Art through a spiritual journey which give new life to contemporary art. 


His works reveals a deep inspiration from memories and history not only in terms of space but also as continuum overlapping of meanings and shapes. In these series of works Zhang get inspirited from one of the most respected renaissance artist, Albrecht Durer: an artist who was not only a painter but also a genius mathematic. Durer established a strong reputation in all northern Europe thanks also to his deep knowledge of Italian renaissance artists.


As in Durer’s works, proportions and principles of mathematic are key elements to define space and Zhang use booth of them in a sharp and precise way. A journey through the past together with an analytic prospective of the present to show to the viewer the spirit Chinese contemporary calligraphy. 


Most importantly Zhang try to catch the meaning behind the works of the German renaissance painter, the essence which draw the shape and space and create a balanced composition. It is a dialogue between imagination and reality, an exchange of inspiration and creativity which brings to life these set of new works. In the art of Zhang Hao is not only what the viewer see but also the emotions behind which have drawn his thinking and inspired his gesture.


In a dialogue between east and west, Durer give you the prospective of what you clearly can see but Zhang go deeper into the roots of what really meaning.