ArtistHan Dong

Special GuestWu Liang


Duration2016.11.5 – 2016.12.28


Opening: 16:00 p.m. 2016.11.5  (Sat)

Renke Gallery is pleased to present “Before Interpretation: Han Dong Solo Exhibition”. The gallery utilizes two exhibition rooms, exhibiting the 34 new works of the artist Han Dong, including 18 comprehensive paintings and 16 ink and water paintings.








1958, born in Dafeng, Jiangsu;

1986, graduated from Crafts Department from Nanjing Academy of Fine Art

Currently lives and works in Yangzhou, Jiangsu.


Solo Exhibitions


2016, Ordinary Objects, HIVE Center for Contemporary Art

2015, Memorandum, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou 

2014, Color of Emptiness and Shadow of Ink, curated by Chen Xiaoxin, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou;

2013, Tune like a Dream – Chapter Two, Gengsi Art Museum, Nanjing;

2012, Consciousness and Absolute Mind, OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai;

1999, Body Fable: Han Dong’s Painting, Nanjing Classic Auction House, Nanjing;

1993, first solo exhibition was held in Nanjing Academy of Fine Art Museum;


Group Exhibitions

2013, Nowhere to Rest: Jiangsu Contemporary Art Research Exhibition, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou;

2012, Depart from Nanjing: Exhaustion and Extension Exhibition, Sanchuan Modern Art Museum, Nanjing;

2012, The Sun: Contemporary Art Exhibition, OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai;

2009, Yi Pai – Century Thinking Art Exhibition, curated by Gao Minglu, Today Art Museum, Beijing;

2007, Journey to the West Art Exhibition, curated by Zuo Jing, Kunstraum Noe Niederösterreichische Museum, Vienna Austria;

2007, Chinese Version Modern Art Exhibition, curated by Chen Xiaoxin, Today Art Museum, Beijing;

2006, Poetic Realism: A Reinterpretation of Jiangnan Exhibition, RCM Art Museum, Nanjing;

2003, Chinese Art Today exhibition, China Millennium Monument, Beijing;

2000, Back to the Start, Aura Gallery, Shanghai;

1997, painting Clean Hands was selected in Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Shanghai;

1997, Marginal Vision Second Exhibition, Beijing Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing;

1996, Marginal Vision: the First Exhibition of Jiangsu Young Artists, Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Nanjing;

1995, painting Inside Sandalwood Room was selected in the third Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, China Museum of Art, Beijing;

1992, 1st Guangzhou Art Biennale (oil painting section), won the third prize;

1990, painting Listening to Qin was selected in Chinese Art Exhibition in Hongkong;

1986, 1st  Lacquer Painting Exhibition in China, won the Award of Excellence.





 Text/Wu Liang


In the past few years, while trying to interpret the shadowy world of Han Dong’s artworks, I found that the stories he attempts to tell was not took place in the fictitious Platonic Grotto, but incubated on his ongoing journeys. Beyond all doubt, between the contemplation, thresholds and imagination, he has been observing along the way, such a tranquil temptation enables Han Dong with a way of storytelling that is almost pervasive and limitless, at that very moment, Odysseus could once again hear the Sirens’ song: the hidden Pandora, the never-ending labyrinth, the ‘Sorge’ of Heidegger, the return of the primitive identity, as well as the reawakening of the artistic individual tradition… what is presenting in front of you right now, are the images before interpretation, however, as long as you were approaching, as if in a museum, beneath a pale light, pressing your nose against the glass, in the meantime, almost feel like grasping something, something so profound, yet transient, you could seize the very moment, the boundary between you and the painting thus disappear, the serene countenances of the paintings present themselves to you, solid and steady, all that is delusory and melancholy would melt into air… perhaps!