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Shanghai Exhibition Center 


The artist Zhang Hao has his own interpretation and distinctive practice in the field of ‘visual and mental space’. Last year, Zhang Hao has already exhibited at Renke: ‘What Art Gives Me’ Zhang Hao's solo exhibition, considering comprehensively the relationship between the exhibition space and the art works, with a controlled number of audience each display, left a deep impression on each spectator. In this exhibition, Renke is pleased to present Zhang Hao’s further exploration and understanding of ‘the contemporary ink painting and the future space', on view at Shanghai Exhibition Center, from Sep 11 to Sep 15, 2014.





张浩 / Zhang Hao


1962 born in Tianjing, China

1985 graduated from Professor Shu Chuanxi’s Studio, Chinese Traditional Painting Dept., Zhejiang Academy of Art (now China Academy of Art), remained as a tutor.

Professor and Postgraduate Supervisor, China Academy of Art, CAA

Guest Professor, Dept. Art of Anhui University


Solo Exhibition    

2013   What Art Gives Me, Renkeart Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China

2013   The Shape of Journeys, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hongkong, China

2012   Spiritual Journey, Sanshang Contemporary Art Museum, Hangzhou, China

2010   Combination: Spiritual Journey of Zhang Hao, Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai, China

2009   The Power of Ink Painting, Bole Gallery, Shanghai, China

2007   Construct: Chinese Ink Painting by Zhang Hao, Sanshang Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China

2006   Chinese Ink Painting Series: Zhang Hao’s Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2002   Zhang Hao: Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting, Paris International Art City, France

1994   Zhang Hao: Exploring Chinese Ink Painting, Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China


Group Exhibition

2015    Cross the Year, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China

2014    2014 ARTE FIERA, Bologna, Italy

2013    Image and Words: Since Magritte Era, National Art Museum Of China, Beijing, China 

2013    The Creation of Culture Context: Ink and Wash Articles – Series Exhibitions On Contemporary Ink Painting, Wuhan Art Musuem, Wuhan, China

2013    In Transit, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China 

2012    The Exhibition Cross the Year, Sanshang Contemporary Art Museum, Hangzhou, China

2012    Primary Forms of Ink and Wash, Shanchuan Museum of Contemporary Art, Nanjing, China

2012    Micro Garden: China and Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China            

2011    Great Heaven of Abstract, MARCO, Roma, Italy

2006    Shanghai New Ink Painting Exhibition, Toronto, Canada

2000    Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai, China

1998    The first Shenzhen International Ink Painting Biennale, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

1991    The first Chinese Contemporary Art Documentation Exhibition, Chinese Painting Research Institute, Beijing, China



The theme of Zhang Hao's painting is inner feeling, also the true existence seen from his heart, it is the past, present, and future, at the same time, a combination of spirit and emotion.

Why? The inner feeling is the real path to the truth. Only art can achieve it. The power of art becomes a mental and spiritual strength.

Vision is the key to art, guided by feelings. Decomposed to forms by four principles: structure, shape, color, and brush strokes, finally, the completion of the works.

Core concept: everything emerges in the space.