Artist: Li Xiuqin
Director: He Yongmiao
Add:Renke Art Gallery
Time: Jun 6, 2015 – Jul 6, 2015

For more than 20 years, the Braille and the concave-convex forms of the Braille became inseparable subjects to the artist Li Xiuqin, she transformed them into her works. The work Touching: an Equal Opportunity was born at her exhibition in Hangzhou, then developed during the tour to Shanghai, Qingdao and Beijing. It is a continuously developing project, with a powerful sense of rituality, by means of interactive collaboration with the blind, to shape “equality”, the artist projects her concerns and emotions onto the sculptures. Renke Art Gallery is pleased to present "Touch", the exhibition of new works by Li Xiuqin.







李秀勤 / Li Xiuqin


1953 Born in Qingdao of Shangdong province, China

1982 graduated from Sculpture Dept., Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art (now China Academy of Art, CAA), attained bachelor’s degree, Hangzhou, China

1988 Researched in Slead Academy of Arts UCL, UK

1990 Graduated from Sculpture Dept., Manchester Metropolitan University, attained Master’s degree, UK

Currently lives & works in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Professor & PhD Supervisor, Sculpture Department, China Academy of Art, CAA, Hangzhou

Co-Director, 4th Studio of Sculpture Department, CAA, Hangzhou

Research Fellow of State Art Academy


Solo Exhibitions


Sense of Touth · Concave-convex, CAA Art Space, Hangzhou, China


Li Xiu Qin Exhibition, CAA Art Space, Hangzhou,China


Installation-Sculpture-Painting, The 2nd Gallery Washington State University, WSU, U.S.A


Touching Point-Sculpture Exhibition, Hangzhou Library, Hangzhou, China


Somewhere 20 Years Ago, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China


Connecting Art and Society in Braille – 20 Years of Sculpture Works by Li Xiuqin, Qindao Tiantai Museum of Art, China


Connecting Art and Society in Braille – 20 Years of Sculpture Works by Li Xiuqin, Shanghai Baoshan IFAE, China


Touch – Li Xiuqin Solo Exhibition, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou


Group Exhibitions


Cross the Year: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China


Social Factory: 10th Shanghai Biennale 2014, Shanghai, China

BolognaFiere Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China


Cracked Culture?  The Quest for Identity in Contemporary Chinese Art, Venice, Italy


Forms of Formless, Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Germany


Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition in Shanghai World EXPO, Shanghai, China


Strategic Form: International Metal Sculpture Exhibition, Monterrey Contemporary Art Museum, Mexico


Sculpture of Nature: Orient Western, International Sculpture Biennal, Anglie Touren, Italy


Female's Angle of View: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Venice, Italian


The Documents Exhibition of Chinese Contemporanry Art, Millennium Art Museum, Beijing, China


The 2nd Beijing Biennial International Art Exhibition, Chinese Art Museum, Beijing, China


China · Imagination-The Sculpture Exhibition of Chinese Contemporanry Art, Jardin des Tuileries, Pairs, France


Chinese Season, Paris, France

Stew – The Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Norway


The Sculpture Exhibition of Two Person, Clark University Gallery, USA


Opening the Street Exhibition, Washington State University, USA


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Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Female Artists, Bonn Frauen Museum


1st Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art Sichuan & Hongkong, China

Continue: Five Artists Sculpture Exhibitions, China Central Academy of Art Gallery, Beijing


London Slead Youth Sculpture Exhibition, London, UK


1st Chinese Young Artists’ Exhibition, Beijing, China


Pubic Collections

Horice International Sculpture Park, Czech,

Yuzi Paradise International Sculpture Park,

Shanghai International Sculpture Park,

Zhejiang University library,

Zhejiang Water Conservancy and Hydropower College,

Washington State University,

Changbai Mountain of Yanji Sculpture Park,

Beijing Shijing Mountain

International Sculpture Park







 “Dot, dot, dot-dot, dot, dot, dot……no start, no end, no expressions, not uttering a word, it has an energy beyond words, from the inside out, an energy imparts immense life-will, I shall never forgot touching the Braille for the first time.I wrote this passage for my first solo exhibition Sense Of Touch: Concave-convex Art, it is also the source of my creations. For more than 20 years, I myself, the Braille and the concave-convex forms of the Braille became inseparable elements to me, I transformed them into my art works.


As my life is slowly consumed and enriched by time, the tree of art grows quietly. My 20 years of art and life is a time node, I forged the time, the destiny, the art and the human nature into a coherent whole, presented them in my solo exhibition Touching Point in 2013. After 20 years of preparation, my interactive works with Xu Mazheng Touching: an Equal Opportunity was born at my exhibition in Hangzhou! It then developed during the tour exhibitions in Shanghai and Qingdao, on the opening ceremony of the last exhibition at Beijing Yuan Art Museum, I collaborated with Liu Gongyi and Han Dong, two students from Bejing School For The Blind, which deepened and extended my former works Touching: an Equal Opportunity. It is a continuously developing project, with a powerful sense of rituality, by means of interactive collaboration with the blind, to shape “equality” ……


Close my eyes, enter the darkness, reach out, touch! Touching, awakening the nerves, I entered an immense space, my sense of direction was lost. A vague ‘image’ from afar was floating towards me, affecting all the cells of my body, transforming into streams, flowing in my veins... It was hard to describe what I have touched and what have touched me… Feel the mud, press my fingers into the mud, feel the concrete, press down again. I sensed the mud flowing through my fingers like mountains, valleys, rivers, reefs, I embodied them: touch, press, I sensed the flowing delicate texture… All my nerve cells affected by the ‘image’ were set free in the process of touching and pressing, all my time and space were occupied by these experience. Soaked with sweat, I opened my eyes, as if seeing it for the first time, I was shocked by the unacquainted ‘image’ moulded by the mind-body sensation and the vision-touch synaesthesia. The works by the blind Xu Mazheng, Liu Gongyi and Han Doing also touchs my heart!


The marks left behind by the ‘touching’ and the ‘image’, like beams of light penetrated the darkness, enlightened my heart. In this image era, I transform my mind’s image into the visual pattern of the works, project my concerns and emotions on them by means of ‘touching’, simultaneously, share them with others. I would like to thank Renke Art Gallery for supporting the art and artists, and for providing such generous help.


 Li Xiuqin, 2015