Artist: Wang Kai

Curator: He Yongmiao

Time: May 1, 2015 - May 30, 2015

'Life is in an endless cycle', the death is not the end of life. It's how Wang Kai sees art and life. In this exhibition, Renke is pleased to present new works of Wang Kai. Through which we could get an up-close look at the sublimation of Kang Kai’s thinking, from oil paintings to comprehensive materials, he tried to break the restraints of simple image identification system, entering a state of anonymous freedom. We are often restricted by the limitations of the world, however artists provide us with another imagination room, thus we expect that the art could enable us to maintain a sensible heart.






Wang Kai

1962, born in Suzhou of Jiangsu province, China

1989, graduated from Central Academy of Art and Crafts (now Tsinghua University, Academy of Arts&Design)

Currently lives and works in Shanghai

Associate professor of East China Normal University, Department of Art



2015  God Knows, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou

2012  In Transit, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou

2011  Self-Examination, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou

2008  Aquilaria Agallocha, Eye Level Gallery, Shanghai

          798 Art Festival Theme Exhibition, Beijing

          Digital & Photographic Time, No.10 Gallery of Art, Chengdu

2007  Contemporary Representation, Wu Jiao Chang 800 Art Space, Shanghai

          Artists’ Nomination/Invitation Exhibition, Yuan Art Museum, Shanghai

          Shanghai Art Fair Emerging Artists Exhibition (Asia), Shanghai Mart, Shanghai

2006  Chinese Symbols, M50 Space Da, Shanghai

          Contemporary Art Exhibition: Shanghai Academic Culture, Shanghai Art Centre

          Shanghai Abstract Painting Exhibition, Ming Yuan Group Art & Culture Centre, Shanghai

          Contemporary Photography Exhibition, No. 1178 Wai Ma Lu Warehouse, Shanghai

          Sea Level Paining & Scupture, Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai

2005  Homage to ‘85, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai

2004  2cd Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, East Coast Museum

           5th Shanghai Biennial, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

2003   Oil Painting Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

           Status Group Exhibition, HSS Art&Exhibition Centre, Shanghai

           Different Choices:‘60s Artist Invitation Exhibition,  Peninsula Art Museum, Shanghai

2001   Shanghai Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

2000   Serene Poetry: Wang Kai’s Solo Exhibition, South Taiwan Gallery, Taiwan

1997   Chinese Abstract Ink Painting Exhibition, Centre Culturel de Chine à Paris, France

1995   Chinese Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, Chicago Gallery, America

1993   Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

1989   7th National Art Exhibition, China Art Museum, Beijing

1988   Expression: Wang Kai’s Art Exhibition, Tsinghua University, Beijing




God Knows

Text/ Wang Kai


All of me, and all of you, someday.

When the clouds were drifted into concepts, why do we brother any more witnesses or reflections.

In the banality of selflessness, life is spared and clumsy. Someday, all those heartening good ideas, will be shifted into professions and ambitions, we start the damage. Slowly, a purple butterfly, approaching from the garden, also comes that girl. Only, she is not here for you, like the leaves drifted in the wind, the wind, brings her here. Slowly… Beneath that tree, lies a whole body of autumn, motionless. Winter comes, I retreat back home, I look at the dark shadows of myself, as if have conquered all the secrets in the world.

The world, dizzy and sleepy. Sometimes the wind blocks the way. Sometimes, a parrot talks, delightfully. Sometimes, I also parrot a few bromidic sentences, I would be thrilled as well. Sometimes, Art recounts the world like the parrot-talks, or leaves, alive, like a mighty wind. Art perceives the world by a silent logic, all the memory of body, species, and history, disarms me of every original word I have.

Well, you don’t have to see me, you cannot see me. Perhaps, me, on my mind, can only be touched by the wind, the eye of the wind turns around in the doorway, stares at me. About silence, about dream, about reality. Perhaps you could walk along that crack, free to flee. These days, a dark net overlays the head of earth, the wind blows hard from all directions. We cannot hear them.

There is a huge gap of words between us, we could reach to an open sphere somewhere. We could fade at any time, but before I fade, we can still talk, the art could speak for us, it speaks for itself as well. I recall the words from Plato, “By the same aesthetics, we encounter”. Now, I want to talk with you, we are friends.

One year later, we can still talk, in the dept of secrets, so obvious. My thoughts are consistent with the wind, I want to boast about the reality in the most superlative terms, especially in this absurd era, always have half of them in blossoms, the other half, withered and bare. And now, I seem to understand the saying “an empty cave invites the wind”, understand the meaning of styles. Just as how I understand the leaves, always spinning in the wind, like a simple twist of fate.

All of me, and all of you, today, we encounter.


—— Wang Kai