Artist: Guan Huaibin, Zhang Zhijun

Curator: He Yongmiao

Host: Renke Artist Center

Renke is pleased to present "No One Sector" & “Transparent Substance”, the joint solo exhibition of new works by Guan Huaibin and his wife Zhang Zhijun, on view at Renke Art Gallery, from Mar 21 to Apr 20, 2015.







Guan Huaibin | 管怀宾

1961   Born in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China

1989   Graduated from China Academy of Art with a Bachelor’s degree

1998   Graduated from Saitama University (National) with a Master’s degree

2004   Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music with a Ph.D. degree of Fresco Painting

Currently Lives in Hangzhou, China

Professor of China Academy of Art, CAA

Zhang Zhijun | 章之珺
1989   Graduated from Jiangnan University with a Bachelor’s degree   

1998  Graduated from Saitama University (National) with a Master’s degree

Currently Lives in Hangzhou, China  / Associate professor




Out Of Limits - No One Sector - The Top View



The photography series No One Sector -- The Top View is a continuous art project that I have been doing in recent years. I have been taking photos for five or six years about the view at the top of thousands of buildings. Some of the photos were taken in vehicles or hotels when I was travelling around the world; and some were recordings when I was on the top of a mountain or a tall building and looked down or at other building tops. Because of different situations of my presence and recordings, these photos are with one other kind of visual experience, and at least it is not such photos taken in the sense of a professional photographer.


Paying attention to these top views is because the tops of these buildings undoubtedly are concentrated with thoughts of the designers and builders. Both functions and their Utopian imaginations, both geo-culture and ideology of time, society, and politics, are reflected from them. However, these top views attracted few people to look and to care. The urban process always put its edge to places further than where our vision can reach, and as time goes on, the top views seem become the edge of some memory, so the view of a city’s back makes us feel strange, and even a little bit wild and desolate. So I call these top views “No One Sector” or edge of a city. I wish these photos to remind people the edge of some memory, and make us recall the skyline and visual spectacle parallel to time and cross with the reality.


Guan Huaibin