Opening: Jan 11,2014

duration: Jan 11, 2014 - Mar 11, 2014  

Forum: 3:00 pm. Jan 12, 2014

Li Xiuqin, as an artist, has used her experience of nearly going blind 30 years ago to feel the dependence between the blind and the Braille. In the past 20 years, her art creation has always focused on this subject, which has also shown her great perseverance. She has brought the power of life to the art and realized the interaction and the close relation between the art and the society. Renke is pleased to present "Somewhere twenty years ago", the exhibition of new works by Li Xiuqin.









1953 Born in Qingdao of Shangdong province, China

1982 graduated from Sculpture Dept., Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art (now China Academy of Art, CAA), attained bachelor’s degree, Hangzhou, China

1988 Researched in Slead Academy of Arts UCL, UK

1990 Graduated from Sculpture Dept., Manchester Metropolitan University, attained Master’s degree, UK

Currently lives & works in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Professor & PhD Supervisor, Sculpture Department, China Academy of Art, CAA, Hangzhou

Co-Director, 4th Studio of Sculpture Department, CAA, Hangzhou

Research Fellow of State Art Academy


Solo Exhibitions

2015    Touch – Li Xiuqin Solo Exhibition, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou

2014    Connecting Art and Society in Braille – 20 Years of Sculpture Works by Li Xiuqin, Shanghai Baoshan IFAE, China

2014    Connecting Art and Society in Braille – 20 Years of Sculpture Works by Li Xiuqin, Qindao Tiantai Museum of Art, China

2014    Somewhere 20 Years Ago, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China

2013    Touching Point-Sculpture Exhibition, Hangzhou Library, Hangzhou, China

1999    Installation-Sculpture-Painting, The 2nd Gallery Washington State University, WSU, U.S.A

1995    Li Xiu Qin Exhibition, CAA Art Space, Hangzhou,China

1993    Sense of Touth · Concave-convex, CAA Art Space, Hangzhou, China


Group Exhibitions

2015    Cross the Year: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Renke Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China

2014    Social Factory: 10th Shanghai Biennale 2014, Shanghai, China

2014     BolognaFiere Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2013    Cracked Culture?  The Quest for Identity in Contemporary Chinese Art, Venice, Italy

2012    Forms of Formless, Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Germany

2010    Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition in Shanghai World EXPO, Shanghai, China

2009    Strategic Form: International Metal Sculpture Exhibition, Monterrey Contemporary Art Museum, Mexico

2008    Sculpture of Nature: Orient Western, International Sculpture Biennal, Anglie Touren, Italy

2007    Female's Angle of View: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Venice, Italian

2006    The Documents Exhibition of Chinese Contemporanry Art, Millennium Art Museum, Beijing, China

2005    The 2nd Beijing Biennial International Art Exhibition, Chinese Art Museum, Beijing, China

2004    China · Imagination-The Sculpture Exhibition of Chinese Contemporanry Art, Jardin des Tuileries, Pairs, France

2001    Chinese Season, Paris, France

2001    Stew – The Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Norway

2000    The Sculpture Exhibition of Two Person, Clark University Gallery, USA

1999    Opening the Street Exhibition, Washington State University, USA

1998    Tradition & Consideration: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Embassy of Germany, Beijing, China

1998    Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Female Artists, Bonn Frauen Museum

1997    1st Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art Sichuan & Hongkong, China

1997    Continue: Five Artists Sculpture Exhibitions, China Central Academy of Art Gallery, Beijing

1989    London Slead Youth Sculpture Exhibition, London, UK

1987    1st Chinese Young Artists’ Exhibition, Beijing, China


Pubic Collections

Horice International Sculpture Park, Czech,

Yuzi Paradise International Sculpture Park,

Shanghai International Sculpture Park,

Zhejiang University library,

Zhejiang Water Conservancy and Hydropower College,

Washington State University,

Changbai Mountain of Yanji Sculpture Park,

Beijing Shijing Mountain

International Sculpture Park




Somewhere Twenty Years Ago,

Path of A Newcomer

Text/He Yongmiao


Please listen to a silent man’s story

A story about the sun in the darkness

“Dot, dot-dot, dot…”

Li has gone almost blind in July 1982,

She hides the mysteries in her works

"Dots", She hammers them by “heart"

A flame of life, burst forth from the cracks of the concave-convex

Sightless and "blindness", so similar  

Like the same elegy without words

Who is listening, the lonesome hearts


Seek! Everyday in morning and dusk

Seek for footprints of the blind child

Seek for a sense of presence? or values?

Senses, that is all we could render

Like the souls touched by her hands

To seek

For the moans cut through the depth of the night

To become an anonymous rambler

In the darkness, on exile

"Slowly", more " Slowly" 

Close your eyes, and see through your third eye

Suddenly, a Key, opens your heart in panic

"Listen! "

He is " there"

In laughters of the blind child

In songs, so joyful, like the southern winds

In the easiness of life, filled with fragrance of blossoms

Like a newcomer

Who can truly understand?